Second Challenge Completed: North vs South Race

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Last weekend Madrid once again hosted the race that put the residents from the South and North of the city into a healthy competition, “North vs South”. The 10km race started in Plaza Castilla at 09:00 and finished in Retiro, specifically just after the slope in Cuesta Moyano street. You can check the itinerary here.

Peleando por llegar al final - Carrera Norte vs Sur
Trying to make it – North vs South race

So, that was the scene that I chose for the second event of my running career, which had begun with the Carrera de la Mujer 2014. I have to say that I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to finish it, because I hadn’t been able to train very hard the week before and I had never run more than 7.8km, but anyway, as all of us know you cannot improve without effort, perseverance and hard work.

Corriendo por Madrid - Carrera Norte vs Sur
Running through Madrid – North vs South Race

Fortunately, I made it. I was so happy and satisfied just after crossing the finish line – it is one of the best feelings that you can have, especially after 10 km thinking “I am dying, there is no chance I will make it to the end”. But I did it, and I wasn’t last!! Actually, I finished in the middle of the women’s ranking, so I am quite proud of myself, but I wouldn’t wish the pain I had in my legs and back afterwards on anyone!!

Con buen ritmo - Carrera Norte vs Sur Madrid
Good speed  – North vs South Race

Once I arrived home, I checked the website to see if my team (North) had won, but it hadn’t. The South won with an average pace of 52 minutes 21 seconds against the North’s time of 53 minutes.  You can check the results here.

Anyway, I enjoyed the atmosphere lots, there weren’t too many people so you could run without any problems, and weather was quite good… I have to admit though that it is true, running is addictive, so I’m already looking for the next race, another excuse to force myself to be better and to prove that I can go farther.

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